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If your belief system is based upon what makes sense to you, what you find most gratifying and what best accommodates your own self concept -- then you will undoubtedly fear intellectual inquiry. At best, your approach will be subjective and bribed.  However, when your faith is based not upon your subjective self, but because this is the reality of your inner soul, a truth to which it is intrinsically bound --then you are not afraid to inquire. There is no apprehension of being proven wrong, only certitude that you shall understand more. Therefore, only true faith can be truly objective.  (A Daily Dose of Wisdom from the Rebbe - by Tzvi Freeman)

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After all of the above, we may now establish the fundamental principles which a True religion must follow. If any religion does not abide by these principles, we must categorically reject it as false, and we would be foolish to follow it.  This is because we accept our existence and the defining limitations of our nature as self evident, and all these principles naturally follow from them. Therefore, to deny them would be to deny one’s own existence and nature, and this we are incapable of doing, for, after all, here we are! These principles are as follows:

  1. There is an Infinite Being, who brings all existence into being.
  2. This Infinite Being is an absolutely singularity, and there is no singularity like His.  He is alone, and there is none other.  He has no limitations whatsoever; no beginning and no end, and His existence is intrinsic to Him.
  3. He has absolutely no form or body whatsoever.
  4. He is first, and He is last.
  5. Any existence apart from this Being is imposed upon it by Him, therefore it is only fitting to pray to Him, and not to any other being.
  6. There must be prophecy in order for us to have any knowledge of Him or His will.
  7. There must be mass prophecy for us to be able to believe the words of any prophet. This mass prophecy is what validates all prior prophecies and all subsequent prophecies, and is, therefore, regarded to be the “father” of all prophecies.
  8. The subject matter of this mass prophecy is the absolute unchanging Truth from the absolute unchanging Being.  (Certainly, no human being may change a single word of this prophecy.) Therefore;
  9. It is true for all generations, and will never be substituted for another.
  10. This Infinite Being is conscious and all knowing.
  11. There must be a set of laws given, which must be followed. Those who fulfill these laws will reap positive consequences, while those who transgress them will reap negative consequences.
  12. The ultimate intention and purpose of the Creator in Creation will be fulfilled.
  13. The fulfillment of the intention and purpose will ultimately result in the complete and eternal perfection of the world.

Now, any seeker of truth must follow the above principles in determining the True Religion.  The religion which he accepts must include all of the above qualifications.  These are principles that follow from the axiom that we exist. For a person to deny them, he must deny his own existence and the nature of his existence. Not only would he have to be a psychotic lunatic who is not based in reality, but actually, such a person does not exist, for even the most deranged psychotics in the highest security insane asylums are aware of their existence. On the contrary, in many cases their problem is that they find their existence to be too overbearing for them and they cannot cope with it. 

Therefore, anyone who is a true seeker of Truth must accept these as self evident principles by which a religion must and can be accepted as true or rejected as false.  If a religion does not fit theses qualifications, we can be certain, without a doubt that it is not based in reality and must be categorically rejected as false.